"Separating fact from fabrication."

Private Investigations

We provide various types of private investigations for Attorney's (Legal Investigations), Insurance companies (Claims Investigations), and for Individuals involved in civil issues (family law).  The following are the types of investigations provided:

  • Locates - Witness, Adoption / Biological, Inheritance (Missing Heir), Lost Loved One, Collections 
  • Digital / Data - Cell Phone Data Recovery, Email Tracing, Social Media, Open Source Intelligence
  • Family Issues - Divorce, Child Custody, Civil / Criminal, Cohabitation, Elder Abuse
  • Insurance - Worker's Compensation Claims   
  • Interviews
  • Legal - Civil / Criminal, Litigation & Trial Support
  • Property Checks
  • Records Research - Civil / Criminal, Divorce, Probate, Property, Vital Records (Marriage/Death/Birth), State and Federal, Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Well-Being Checks
  • Written & Recorded Statements

Contact us for fees as these vary depending on the type of investigation conducted.


Important Notice

All services provided will require a signed contract by the client along with retainer fee before any work shall begin.  The client expressly acknowledges with the payment of the retainer that Verified Consulting Services' fees are for services rendered.  Verified Consulting Services will NOT provide any illegal or unethical services of any kind.  We reserve the right to refuse to take your case.  We will gladly refer your case to another investigative firm if the client insists on illegal or unethical conduct.  Verified Consulting Services will conduct any and all investigations in accordance with Federal and State laws.

By signing the contract and paying the retainer, the Client, agrees not to at in any manner that may disrupt, interfere or get involved in the investigation.  Any and all funds paid are not refundable.